Transform Data for Corporate Legal

is trusted by many legal departments and enterprise organisations worldwide to integrate matters, projects, and business requests into the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft Teams.

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Transform Data for Corporate Legal Departments integrates well with commonly used applications within legal departments such as SharePoint and Microsoft 365, SAP/ERP, template management, entity management and comparison software.


Matter Lifecycle Management

Allow the legal department to implement a complete matter management solution on top of the existing Microsoft 365 environment, without the need for any additional hardware or a complex IT project. Professionals manage their matters, status updates, documents, and e-mails within the familiar Outlook or Teams application.

Matter intake (Triage) 

Legal front door – Automate the way various departments communicate with the legal department, when needed with a pre-defined triage process. All required information is provided with any new request and routed to the correct person within the legal department. Fully automated requests will also provide accurate data for reporting purposes such as workload, legal spend, and response, or resolution times.

Document & E-Mail Management

Allowing users to store all important documents and e-mails in a central shared and secured matter. Providing key functionalities that you expect from a modern DMS, such as versioning, recycle bin, advanced searching capabilities and support for co-authoring of documents. This is all integrated into the core office productivity applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.

Knowledge & Template Management

Allow departments to structure important knowledge documents and corporate document templates in a way that they are easily accessible for the entire department or other departments. By centralising the template management, it is possible to optimise the compliance and ensure new documents are always based on the latest version of the document templates.

Advanced Search

Using the powerful Microsoft 365 indexing capabilities, combined with a structured DMS and Transform Data’s Qwickr advanced search, a very powerful search function over all matters, documents, e-mails and knowhow is provided. Save valuable time searching, categorising, storing user/departmental searches for easy access to information in our desktop or web interface.

Contract Management & E-Signing

Collecting all executed documents and providing business users with a user-friendly way to submit any signed contracts. Users are prompted to register important properties of a contract (effective date, renewal period, change of ownership clause, etc.) that can be used to drive reports and notifications. Integrations with common e-Signature providers such as ValidSign, DocuSign and Adobe Sign is available.

Secure Collaboration

Special workspaces can be created for secure collaborations with users outside the legal department and/or from external organisations. Administrators can choose either Teams or SharePoint for collaboration and take control over the invitation process and complete lifecycle management.

Task & Project management

Apart from managing documents and e-mails, legal matters are often done via a certain runbook or methodology. Organisations can ensure templated task lists (Microsoft Planner) and standard documents (Templates) are created as part of their legal matter so a uniform way of working and reporting can be guaranteed.

BI Reports

All matter information is stored within SharePoint lists in your own tenant.
SharePoint lists integrate out-of-the-box with Microsoft Power BI and can for that reason easily be used to create reports covering matter information, such as claim reports, workload overviews or legal spend reports.

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