Transform Data for
any businesses

Any organisation with a document management and collaboration need can benefit working with us and leverage their Microsoft 365 investment.

Generic document and case management

Because of the wide variety of features and functions available with Transform Data for any Business, we can assist with the tight integration of your content into the familiar interfaces of Microsoft Office, Outlook & Teams that are deployed in most businesses.

We have a proven track record managing risk and compliance, improving operational efficiencies, driving profitability, enhancing firm-wide transparency as well as much more. Our references range from banks, insurance, investment banking, patent offices, governmental organisations but also corporate departments like HR, TAX, Risk and Compliance, Sales, project offices etc.

There are a variety of features and functions available with the Transform Data platform, each of which can be configured and activated separately. 

Client Portals
Approval workflow

Integration into Leading Applications

If your company already captures data in a primary system, this information can be exchanged with our platform. Making sure every object leading application gets a corresponding workspace within your document management systems and is updated with correct meta-data, status, and security information during its complete lifecycle. We often integrate with solutions that manage assets, funds, customers, projects or commonly used ERP or CRM solutions.

Document & E-mail Management

Allowing users to store all important documents and e-mails in a central (shared and secured) workspace. Providing key functionalities that you expect from a modern DMS, such as versioning, recycle bin, searching capabilities and support for Co-Authoring of documents. This is all integrated into the core office productivity applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.

Collaborations Rooms & Client Portals

Benefit from the sharing capabilities of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams and provide a personal landing page for clients to share documents including version control, set notifications, read news, get status updates and use Q&A’s. Or provide access to self-service expert tools to automate commonly used tasks such as the creation of contracts or risk assessments.

Powerful Search

Users benefit from the powerful search capabilities of SharePoint and Qwickr to find and use documents, articles and/or subject matter experts quickly and can save personal/departmental searches for quick retrieval of custom data sets.

Document Approval

Allow users to leverage the standard SharePoint Document Approval capabilities by integrating the Power Automate Review process into Microsoft Outlook.

e-Signing Integration

Digital signing has become a common standard as this simplifies the signing process and speeds-up transactions. Transform Data for Law firms integrates well with the common e-Signature providers such as Validsign, Docusign and Adobe Sign.

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