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Any content management solution matures and starts to integrate with a host of applications used to enhance the workplace.

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The Transform Data platform is tightly integrated into Microsoft 365 and offers features such as document comparison and co-authoring.
To get the maximum value, we extend this with our own applications that are required by the market sectors we serve.

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Qontent Reconcile

Can you fully rely on your search results, knowing that some documents are missing an OCR text layer and might not appear as a search result?

Or do you lose valuable time because copy/paste is not working when PDF documents are scanned and saved as images?

Qontent Reconcile automatically updates PDF documents in your content repositories and assures all PDF documents are updated with a proper OCR text layer.


Qwickr is the most effective search tool that allows users to search documents and e-mails within Microsoft 365SharePoint and OneDrive for BusinessSearch, find AND act on the results. There is no tool that is easier for end-users to find, sort and preview search results.

Get your work done Qwickr!

Transform Data Add-ons

Transform Data has developed add-ons on top of SharePoint/Microsoft 365 and Intapp Collaboration and Content. Users get the maximum experience due to the optimisation of search functionalities, automation of data migrations and integration into other systems.

Records Manager

Records Manager runs as a background process on archived dossiers, matters or any type of case in SharePoint / SharePoint Online and allows organisations to configure retention policies for each type of case or specific document types. This ensures retention policies are respected and organisations are compliant with the regulations of personal data.


Qontext is a web application which allows users to aggregate, present and update information from various systems and sources in a user-friendly interface. This page can be opened from any normal web browser, a mobile web browser or an Outlook integrated web browser (Intapp).


Qonnector provides a simple, straightforward way to create and manage data communications between your primary system (PMS / ERP / Finance) and Matter Management (Intapp). It allows organisations to streamline IT data architecture and ensure master data is aligned across various systems.


Workhub is a Microsoft Teams App that integrates Transform Data for Legal solutions into Microsoft Teams. By adding document browsing capabilities via Workhub various extra functions are made available, such as custom right click menu's or document and e-mail previewing capabilities.

Migration Toolkit

Migration Toolkit accelerates the extraction of information from legacy systems and has a standard way of packaging and importing information to the new SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business location. This includes the migration of meta-data information such as the modified date or author of the documents, which makes it easier for users to get used to the new system.

Qontent Sign

QontentSign bridges the gap between Outlook and e-signing applications by integrating the two solutions via right click menu. This allows users to easily send documents directly from SharePoint / Teams to the eSigning providers such as ValidSign, DocuSign or Adobe Sign.