Today Transform Data International (TDI) are pleased to announce Dansk Retursystem as a new Custodian for Legal client.

Dansk Retursystem, the non-profit environmental company who manages the Danish deposit system for beverages, has selected Custodian for Legal, that is based on Intapp’s, OnePlace Collaboration & Content platform, and TDI for all their Matter Management requirements. The solution is based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint and integrates into the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook. This ensures the highest level of user adoption due to the familiar environment. Users can now create matters and collaborate on matter related information, such as e-mails and documents without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

The project has recently started and is planned to be live for the full legal department by early 2022.


About Dansk Retursystem
Every single day 4.5 million bottles and cans are returned in Denmark. Dansk Retursystem ensures that disposable made of plastic, aluminum and glass are recycled and converted into new bottles and cans, and new food packaging as well. This eliminates the CO2 emissions by 178,000 tons CO2 a year. The Danish deposit system for beverages is non-profit and one of the world’s most efficient deposit systems.

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