Today Transform Data International (TDI) are pleased to announce substantial UK growth plans and the appointment of Roger Pickett as UK Director.

From January 2022, Roger Pickett will be appointed Director of UK Operations as part of TDI’s growth from Europe into the UK. The London Office is expecting to see a similar growth as Europe within the Legal and Corporate Legal sectors around the  MS 365 platform being used for Collaboration, Content Management and Matter/Project Management.

Roger has more than 25 years of experience in the Legal, Banking and Insurance IT sectors, with expertise in Content/Document Management and Matter Management. Additionally, Roger was an instrumental founder in Phoenix Business Solutions in 2003, which grew into a global successful DMS delivery partner over 15 years.

Rene Beulen (Advisory to the Board) commented “Roger has the network and skillset to replicate our success in Europe within the UK and Ireland. We want to build a UK team to match our European team with an ethos of providing the right resource for the right job at the right time.”

Roger commented “The maturing MS platform, along with the work TDI have done over 7 years, provides a massive opportunity. I am excited to embark on this journey, confident in the knowledge we can leverage our expertise to ensure substantial market uptake of TDI solutions.”

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