Meet our new team member: Danillo Perez
September 21, 2023

Danillo Perez’s interest in IT was there from an early age, and especially in the thinking, the logic behind IT, how to arrive at the best IT solution.

This is exactly what he will be involved in at Transform Data: as an Expert Systems Consultant, Danillo is the newest member of the Transform Data Neota team.

Neota is a powerful no-code platform for building automation solutions without code. You can use it to automate workflows and processes. At Transform Data, it is deployed to build solutions that streamline processes and automate documents, for example, for legal clients. With these kinds of no-code solutions, my interest lies within the extended IT field. Much more than the coding bit,” he explains.


Great opportunity

Danillo was recommended by colleagues at his new employer, who were previously his classmates at HBO IT. He is delighted with the great opportunity to become intensively involved in exactly the area of IT where his heart lies. The click with the company itself was also there right away.

“The first introductory interview immediately felt right, during the second interview this was only confirmed.”

“What the coming weeks will look like? First, I’m going to make sure I get properly settled into the Neota team and take quite a few courses. After that, I am looking forward to the first client projects I can work on.”

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