The legal department of Enexis Group has been successfully using Custodian for Legal since 2020 for the Content Management of all legal case content. The overwhelming success of the solution end has driven the HR department to make the switch to the Custodian for Corporate Departments solution for al HR Content. Custodian is based on Intapp’s Collaboration and Content suite.

Enexis Groep was looking for a user-friendly file system to simplify the complete file creation of the HR department. Where the legal department focused on managing all documents and e-mails, Custodian is configured for the HR department with the emphasis on monitoring actions, follow-up actions and sending notifications on time.

As part of the project, the existing system based on SharePoint lists will be converted to Custodian. In addition, Transform Data’s products Qwickr and Records Manager will be used to provide advanced  searching and reporting features, and to respect the legal retention period after archiving the cases.

The project has already started and will be completed within one month.

About Enexis Group

The entirety of the activities of the business units Enexis Netbeheer, Fudura and Enpuls is organized in the network company Enexis Groep. With more than 4,700 employees, we ensure a reliable energy supply and we offer services that make people’s lives more pleasant and easier. Enexis Group brings partners, governments and its knowledge together to contribute to the realization of the Climate Agreement. A social role that we will continue to fulfill in times of rapid change. Now and in the future.

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