Armstrong Watson, a leading top 50 UK full practice accountancy firm has selected Qontent Reconcile (QR) from Transform Data International. QR allows organisations that have invested heavily in Microsoft 365 document and e-mail management solutions, and often in advanced content searching solutions, to find previously missing PDF content.

On average 25% of the PDF documents in a DMS are lacking a text layer and/or are large and badly optimised and are excluded from search results. QR scans available content and adds an optimised text layer to non OCR PDF’s, and optimises inefficient PDF’s with an OCR layer. Documents are indexed correctly and show up in search results going forward and additionally, the content of the PDF can be used. QR is compatible with Microsoft 365 modern authentication and fully integrated into the Intapp OnePlace Collaboration & Content suite.

Toby Woodhead, Head of Technology at Armstrong Watson commented; “We had already seen the need for a solution to unlock our ‘hidden’ content and enable searching across all our PDFs with our previous DMS. We now needed a solution for the Microsoft 365 platform that was seamless connected using modern authentication, and integrated into our recently deployed Intapp Documents solution. As we had worked with TDI on that project the QR solution from them fitted the requirements perfectly and we were up and running within a day. I now get a regular updates automatically on documents found and processed”.

Visit Qontent Reconcile – When reliable search results count for detailed list of functionality.

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